Hello guys. We just want you to know how impressed we are with your CCTV maintenance that was performed at our office recently. We run a small and very high-paced business and people are constantly running around. You were amazing. We had no disruption to our pace nor to our telephone or electrical lines and it was simply as if you guys were not even there. We are very happy with the maintenance and all our cameras are working perfectly again. Thank you also for advising us on the best new monitor to get – we are seriously happy with the job you did. Well done.

Andrew Knight


There is nothing worse than investing in a service and it fails. We know that these things happen, but the timing of our DSTV bombing out couldn’t have been worse. We had a huge function and had friends from across the country to watch the soccer on the weekend and on Friday night our signal was just gone. We were incredibly panicked but your tele salespeople were friendly and patient and I can’t believe how quickly the technicians arrived at our home after we called. One guy up on the roof and one guy inside and within a few minutes we were back online. Thanks for the great advice as well on preventing the issue from arising again. We can sincerely say that you guys are dependable and worth dealing with.

Vishnu Padayachee


I have no idea how this happened but the other morning as I was leaving for work, our gate motor was severely damaged. I can only think that is was because of vandalism. I was devastated. It was an expensive investment and I was horrified to think what a repair would cost. Your company not only assisted us telephonically to help us get the gate to operate manually for a while, but also sent out your repair team on the same day. They brought all the parts with they needed and the motor was fixed so quickly. Thanks a million.

Kusile Ihle